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Poland Soccer Tips

Poland Soccer Tips


The “confirmed” player must set the “automatic transfer threshold” immediately after completing the formalities described in sub-article 3.2.1 of these general conditions. Subsequently, the confirmed Poland Soccer player has the option of modifying this setting. The “automatic transfer threshold” corresponds to the amount available in the online wallet beyond which a transfer is automatically triggered to the player’s Poland Soccer payment account. When the “automatic transfer threshold” is reached, the difference between the available amount of the online wallet and the amount of the “automatic transfer threshold” defined by the player is automatically transferred to his payment account.

10.1. Poland Soccer terminates a player’s relevant online offer if the player has not completed any gaming transactions on that offer within the last 12 months. Poland Soccer notifies the player of the termination and the reason for such termination. If the player is exclusively registered for one of the two online offers, the termination leads to the closure of the POLAND SOCCER account. Poland Soccer informs the player of the closure of his POLAND SOCCER account and the reason for this closure.

10.2. From his POLAND SOCCER account, the player has the option of proceeding himself to the termination by offer or to the closing of his account according to the offer or offers on which he is registered. If the player is exclusively registered on an offer, the termination of his offer leads to the closure of his account.

10.3. In the event of closure of the POLAND SOCCER account of a “confirmed” player mentioned in these general conditions and having carried out the formalities described in sub-article 9.1, the availability of the online wallet (excluding game credits and free bets) is automatically transferred by Poland Soccer to the payment account of the “confirmed” player who has completed the formalities described in sub-article 9.1, once the final balance of the player account is known, without prejudice to the provisions of article 18.


Poland Fixed Matches

In the event of a request to close the Poland Fixed Matches account of the “unconfirmed” player, or the POLAND FIXED MATCHES account of the “confirmed” player who has not completed the formalities provided for in Article 9.1, it will be closed under the conditions mentioned in sub-article 3.2.4.

11.1. Poland Soccer Tips Fixed

The POLAND FIXED MATCHES account is personal to the player and allows him to be identified. In the event of a win, it is therefore paid to the player declared on the POLAND FIXED MATCHES account. Consequently, for games accessible online, there cannot be multiple winners for the same bet. Poland Fixed Matches games accessible online being reserved for adults, a minor cannot be a winner in Poland Soccer games. As regards the payment of prizes, only the information recorded on the central computer system of Poland Fixed Matches Today, under the conditions provided for in article 12, is authentic. In the event that, for any reason whatsoever, Poland Fixed Matches would credit the online wallet of the POLAND FIXED MATCHES account or the player’s account. Such rectification is immediately notified to the player by email. It may be contested by the player within a period of five years beyond which no claim is admissible Any payment made by the player into the online wallet of his POLAND FIXED MATCHES account after the rectification or any winnings may be used to settle the player’s debt contracted on the online lottery and online sports betting offers against Poland Fixed Matches Today by offsetting. In the event of non-recovery by Poland Fixed Matches of the sum unduly paid, Poland Soccer may undertake any legal action intended to assert its rights.

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