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Soccer Poland

Soccer Poland

The amount of the prizes won by the player in online Poland Soccer lottery games and sports betting is added to the availability of the online wallet of the “confirmed” player who has completed the formalities described in sub-article 9.1. The time range is within a maximum period of one day following the date on which play is taken for games in the Soccer range (except online instant draw games). Maximum period of one day following the end of play for online instant draw games of the Soccer range, following the date of the last draw in which the player participates for draw soccer games and following the end of the sports event for online sports betting, subject to the provisions of Articles 11.4 and 18. If this payment results in exceeding the automatic transfer threshold, depending on the limits set by the player according to the provisions of article 9.3, PolandSoccer makes a transfer to the payment account of the player. Transfers are only made to the payment account whose details appear in the POLANDSOCCER account at the time of the win.

11.3. PolandSoccer

As long as the player does not acquire the status of “confirmed” player, the amount of the prizes is added to the availability of his online wallet but cannot be transferred to his PolandSoccer payment account. It can only be consulted by the player, who can however use these prizes with a view to replaying them. If the “unconfirmed” player wishes the amount of his prize to be transferred to his Poland Soccer payment account, he must acquire the status of “confirmed player”. He also has to  complete the formalities described in sub-article 9.1 to the provisions of sub-article 11.2 relating to the payment of PolandSoccer winnings.


Soccer Predictions

11.4. Special terms of payment for certain prizes for lottery games, sports betting and online promotional operations

For certain prizes for Poland Soccer lottery games, sports betting and also certain prizes awarded within the framework of online promotional operations €, as well as for lifetime annuity winnings (regardless of the amount), the winner may have to prove his identity by presenting documentary evidence. In this context, Soccer Predictions will send to the winner’s address an electronic or postal mail asking him to send a photocopy of both sides of a valid supporting document, issued by an official organization. Also, it needs to contain at least the names and first names, the date and place of birth and a photograph (national identity card, driving license, passport, resident card, residence permit, etc.), of the email address entered in the Soccer Predictions account, as well as well as their bank account details by completing the form accessible from the “Contact us” section on the homepage of the websites or at the following address: Customer Service SOCCER PREDICTIONS. In addition, Poland Soccer is required to record the details of the winner as well as the amount of the sums he has won and to keep this data for five years. If necessary, these data may be communicated to the authorized services and organizations. Failing this, the player cannot claim any prize. 11.5. In the context of promotional operations, Soccer Predictions will require an identity document and a bank account statement before any allocation of the prize for players whose SOCCER PREDICTIONS account would be closed between their participation in the promotional operation and the when the prize is awarded or when it is an “unconfirmed” player.


1×2 Predictions

The operations carried out by the player, in particular those relating to the taking of games, to the payments of availabilities, to the stakes deducted from the availabilities, to the prizes won in the games, to the payments of prizes, to the modifications of personal information, to the messages exchanged between the players are recorded by the computer system of 1×2 Predictions. By express agreement between the player and 1×2 Predictions, only those recordings made by the computer system of 1×2 Predictions are authentic between the parties, without depriving the player of the right to use all means of proof to demonstrate that the said recordings have been made. You can check the tips at the correct score predictions website and also here, at polandsoccer.

1×2 Predictions cannot be held responsible for erroneous information that the player may have transmitted during his registration or later, for the absence of updating of this data or for errors he may make while playing. Also for any damage resulting from a technical failure the origin of which is attributable to a third party or to an event of force majeure, a virus, a bug, an attack on the automated data processing system, difficulties arising from communication networks, faults in the adaptation, operation or use of the player’s digital medium, temporary interruption or permanent cessation of games originating from the game medium (mobile telephone, computer, tablet in particular and without this list being exhaustive) used by the player and over which Poland Soccer has no control. In general, if at the time of the allocation of a prize the e-mail address or the telephone number do not correspond to that of the winner at the time of sending information relating to his gain, 1×2 Predictions and Poland Soccer will not be held responsible.

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